Sunday, April 8, 2012

Time and the river

Time and the river, oh, how they flow
and toil o’er the rocks of life
confined yet so diligently
forging a path to extinction.

Easier simply to know and accept
each has its own time line
that dictates the end of the journey
and makes them be as if not.

But I marvel at river’s fortitude
for it overcomes boulders and rocks
with never a tear, a sigh, shudder,
to tell of sheer agony.

But time, my time, leaves all up to me
and I can’t say there’s never a tear,
a sigh, a shudder, and sheer agony,
while embroiled in the overcoming.

Tomorrow perhaps with belief, faith, trust,
I’ll be like a beautiful river
content and peaceful just to “be”
until I reach the sea!

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