Saturday, November 5, 2011

The past

Like a model on a catwalk
the past meandered by
and, oh, it was an awesome sight
dressed as it was
in many memories.

It moved and swayed and sparkled
like a diamond in the rough
and caught my reflection
in each and every shimmer.

And as it disappeared
behind the drapes of present times
I mourned no more its leaving
and cried no tears of loss.

And so when the past
walks down the catwalk
‘tis just a time to clap and cheer
then leave the auditorium!


  1. Oh Helen this is just brilliant. How you make the past turn to this animated entity and put us in the same space as you is just brilliant.

  2. Did I do that, Yasin? Wow! I don't quite know how but thank you for saying so. One day I'll have this whole life thing figured out - yes, well, one can believe in fairies too I suppose. :)

  3. Oh yes fairies exist if you have the eyes to see them. We are our own barriers sometimes. About life, i wish to never figure it out (of which I never will do no matter how much i try) as the swooshing and swashing of it all is the source of all energy we need to keep alive :) Kind Regards, Yasin C

  4. I like the way you think, Yasin. Perhaps the mere fact of "seeking knowledge" is enough for whatever awaits us somewhere over the rainbow and nothing lost if nothing awaits. Maybe all we need to do is know ourselves - truly know ourselves.
    Take care.