Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog and ran to the shade of an old oak tree.  There he lay down and looked at the clouds like a gazer into other lands and he was still that time beneath all that lay above. 

What did he see?  I asked, I asked, but the quick brown fox was also lazy and nothing could stir his complacency there in his comfort zone.  I stood on my head, I did, I did, and this brought the ghost of a smile because the ghost, you see, of who he really is, paid a visit that time down to earth.  I didn’t know then that he wasn’t the truth but a harbourer of someone else that he neither knew nor cared to greet in the land of the far down under.

So the quick brown fox now grown lazy waited his time to be plucked from there beneath an old oak tree and transported down to the sea but everyone knows, they do, they do, that the sea doesn’t beckon the lazy.  One must be awake and energized to dare look on that awesome sight and be open and welcoming of its energy so the now very lazy brown fox looked around for further options.

Lo and behold, no drop-down box or fairies in the glen, or angels sitting on clouds, or poets speaking out loud and, indeed, there simply was nothing and no-one keeping company with one very lazy brown fox.  I thought it a shame but then, but then, the fox chose to rest beneath trees and who are the angels, fairies, the poets, and pre-programmed drop-down boxes to come between foxes and trees?

You’ll see the fox there, today, today, but as for the ghost of a smile I guess you’ll see it now in the tears flowing unbidden out of his eyes because, because, the quick brown fox jumped over and then became lazy!

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