Monday, March 14, 2011

Without any words

One day perhaps when love finds its voice
it will speak a language without any words
but all who stand by will well understand
each inflection and nuance and each syllable.

It’s a language renowned for simplicity,
for clarity and complete honesty
and it’s beautiful really in its own way
made up as it is quite naturally.

There’ll be no need for “I love you”
and only those who’ve crossed the line
back into the land of ego avowals
will beg and plead for three little words.

Love is a language we all know by heart
but to speak it – no, no, we never would dare
for our tongues are attached to the me, me, me,
and not ever released to simply just be.

But it’s not our fault; it never is ere
we’re a species designed for useless vocab
with fluttering eyes that ne’er can remain
steady enough to converse truthfully.

I love you, I do, hear it now, now, now
for soon, too soon, silence will descend
and I pity the tribes not versed in the vibes
of a language without any words!