Friday, March 11, 2011


She delved in the corners,
searched the blue sky,
dug holes in the dirt,
and surveyed the air
but there was no magic
in sparkling display
to draw from within
her innate fantasy.

She remembers it well
for she made it all up
from wishes and needs
and amazing dreams
then buried it deep
but not deep enough.

It arose one day and pounced
like a cat on a poor lowly mouse
and played the game all fantasies play
when realities intertwine.

Oh, love/love me not,
real or unreal,
could it be, was it ever,
just a fantasy?

“Yes indeed” said the one
no one can ere see
“Mind is the magic
that makes it all be”
and she looked, you know,
but, lo and behold,
there sat the biggest and grandest
vacuum she ever had seen.

Fantasy dies by the will of the mind
and ‘tis the exchange of energy
that makes of mind’s awesome magic
dead and dreary, miserable, spent,
unable to ever again
fantasize you into being
undeniably real!


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