Saturday, January 23, 2010

The sound of silence

Shattered by a thunderous clap
the sound of silence crumbles
into the deep and distant past
there to join with memories
around a cold grave stone.

Head bowed it stands as one unloved
and wet because the rain must fall
today, this day, when mourners pray
in sad and sombre release.

There is no happy place or grace
for the sound of silence
and no chitty-chat for an entity
not honoured during life
and the sound of silence rubble now
rues the many times it tried
to bring a better thought to mind.

There’s a woman at the edge
collecting bits and pieces
but another thunderous clap
and she too stands as one unloved
for she loves, you see, in the beautiful,
so beautiful sound of silence
that brings in thoughts of you.

The thunderous clap of life
shatters and spreads the meaningful
into the gaping jaws of trivia,
useless, useless, trivia!


  1. hi it is good to read your poem. Title and poem fits perfectly yup it is very impotent to know how silence works. When I was is school our teacher use to say “Best way to talk is to be silent” thanks for the poem and keep uploading new ones

  2. Thank you, Kristina. Your teacher was very wise. I'm taking a bit of a break from the writing but hope to get back to it soon. Life has a way of disturbing "the silence" of mind.
    Regards, Helen