Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Between the layers

Between the layers of events and happenings
lies a little symbol of what life is all about
but designed to not be visible it simply isn’t there
to the eyes of a searcher and the maybe you/me.

Next to that the pendant of love’s amazing grace
shines and glitters brilliantly like a polished diamond
but the maybe you/me look the other way
for the glare so fierce and piercing
begets a different view.

Different views like mohair on the skin
go from amusing trickles to severe irritations
because, you see, it’s no laughing matter
to disregard the intent of love’s amazing grace.

So there we are then, searchers and the you/me,
irritated, agitated, and restless beyond measure
in the same old time-honoured comfort zones
that stick like glue and procreate more irritations.

It’s like that different view so beautiful and new
taunts and tempts the mind to reconnoitre inside
with the heart of all matters and the heart of desire
to make of the two transparently compatible.

The heart of desire when too gentle in its need
cannot outweigh the heart of all matters
but it tries and it tries because it doesn’t know
the scales of life are unjustly weighted.

The heart of all matters like dollars and cents
shoots the heart of desire right off the ground
to float forever unattained and unrestrained
until it succumbs to no force and effect.

It’s a sad malady but only if we know!

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