Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ask and you will receive...?

You have my love and that is that;
I do not ask for yours
but I want your strength of mind
to not break down and cry
and your nerves of steel
that never shiver, shake,
with the advent of desire.

I want the water in your veins
to wash my passion out
and your heart's well formed icicles
to encourage frozen depths
within the all of me.

I want your ruler to draw lines
around good memories
and your curtains to pull across
inappropriate insight
and then I want your pen
to boldly write, "The End"

I want your hand that closes doors
and your feet that walk a million miles
away from mindful love
and then I want your pose
of wilful unawareness
and finally your recline
in sheer ignorance.

All of this I do not have
but I know to wait and wait
until I myself wrap that and more
in my survival kit!

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