Thursday, December 25, 2008


She lingered longer in a state of eternal grace
where love exchanged on platforms high above the ground
till thunder, lightening, and the storm of forceful intent
sent her searching for a hiding place amongst the race of men.

She found a place between the walls of what the people know
and settled well into the mould of spiritual withdrawal
where love a thing apart from the forging of a path
towards the treasure chest of things not made to last.

Time closed the circle, cut the cords, and set the people free
and she was one let loose from the many man-made oracles
made to bind the soul and force the flesh to wither so
under the full impact of sheer ignorance.

Once free she found the force of love pulled her up above
and the platform there as once before welcomed her desire
but for all the free who seek release betwixt the lines of time
there’s a price to pay for violating the first rule of intent.

But the first rule of intent like the air she breathes
in and out to not remain and make its presence known!

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