Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The fall and climb

How fragile the edge of this life and times
to crumble at thoughts of needs and desires
and drop the people from stability
into the arms of possibility.

And in those depths of possibility
there’s a view past normality
and the vision lands for a fraction or more
on what can be that was never before.

But to hold that vision forever in mind
blinds men and women to this life and times
and imposes a walk unsteady and slow
until the heart no longer grows.

So climbs a woman, you, me, and all
back up from a need, desire, and more
till bruised and battered we again stand
firm and upright upon the land.

The edge, the edge, I know how it calls
all who desire the “not ere before”
and I mourn that fall weightless and free
into the arms of possibility!

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