Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas trees

If there's magic in a Christmas tree,
how more so in you and me
but baubles, beads, attract the eye
and not what's down inside.

So it is then how it's got to be;
I sparkle not nor glitter
and that's because, I'm not, you see,
tied to a Christmas tree.

And because I can't see down inside
I do not know to what I'm tied
and so the glint and gleam once bright
disappears into this life.

Yet and yet there's something there
that shines through the veil of time
and I guess it simply has to be
the free to be both you and me
who left in part, returned in heart,
and reclaimed the glow of love.

But meanwhile we have Christmas trees
to attract the eye and make us sigh
for all we are down deep inside
not seen or known this mortal life!

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