Sunday, September 7, 2008

The wind

The wind has claimed the day
like a despot and not a cleaner
and in its grasp my love of you
unwillingly goes into the blue.

So I watch for a time and think of no rhyme
to fold into the goodness within
as a gift and a token to keep it alive
to the full scope of passion, desire.

Perhaps one day back down to ground
and the crime of withdrawal no need to cry
but a crime is a crime and punishment due
to both villain and victim each one in situ.

I know how I'll pay for this dastardly day
because awareness brings knowledge, you see,
but the villain for now walks ever free
from the burden of emotional feel.

The candle has died that once flickered hope
but villains in dark must find their own match
because love in the sky can't enflame mind
and make in the body a beautiful fire!

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