Friday, September 5, 2008

Where does one go?

Where does one go when love turns away
but into a cavern dark dingy and grey
where the underworld lives in gay abandon
and laughs at the turmoil raging within.

The echo resounds in midnight avowals
to find an outlet for deep seated heartache
and left/right the eyes survey the scene
like a prisoner seeking an escape route.

There, over there, a gap in the rocks
chiselled just so to let the light in
but small, too small, to allow free passage
for one inflated by desperation.

Hands claw at that fixed and immovable block
with blood running free as if to assist
because no one goes into a cavern prepared
with the tools necessary to widen the gap.

A bend and a rise disturbs the spiders
and they congregate as if to attack
until only withdrawal the way to survive
for one so trapped in a dark dingy place.

Lo behold withdrawal suffers the plight
of one forced to be when it rather would not
and a smile steps in as a protective measure
while life manifests what is meant to be.

To smile, they say, chases spiders away
but the hands only heal as time allows
and I guess it will be when finally death
reclaims and buries a desperate need.

She dies, you know, that one in a cave
day by day slowly and agonizingly
but she smiles the smile of the pretender
because time, the teacher, has shown her the way
out of a cavern dark dingy and grey.

But see her there like a know-it-all queen
unable, unwilling, to let wrong become right
and so she weaves most diligently
her very own web that traps within
the undeniable truth of love!

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