Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just a tree

What was is gone and now no more
will symbolize the truth
of love's forever fortitude
amidst the fickle ways of man.

It's just a tree tall proud like me
that weakened in a storm
and dropped to ground a canopy
once spread over the earth.

And the core still strong as once before
lies in silent contemplation
uncertain whether the "to be"
is what the people need.

The "not to be" against the grain
but therein lies the root of all
for only when love's left to rot
will the people learn.

Still today that tree like me
thinks yes to grow or maybe not
for to give the body up to death
frees the soul up unto peace.

Yes or no the mind debates
but not to die before peace reigns
and so the tree grows back again
one branch, one leaf, one hope,
until again love's canopy
envelops the whole world.

Our world?

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