Saturday, August 9, 2008

She dances again

She dances again the dance of love,
that gypsy woman unseen,
amidst a thousand silent sighs
and fallen to ground bygone thoughts
but far, too far, this fearful life
from the gates of happiness
and the loosened mind of a woman
flies beyond physical love.

In the rush and wish to grow new blooms
rose bushes forsake everything
and carry the seed of remembrances
as a stake for strong future growth...
and who can decry the will to survive
in a land of different soil?

That gypsy queen still dances unseen
and swirls out the colours of soul
in a radius suited to her empathy
until the book falls naturally closed
on the bloom of life read but not dead
in the mind of those left behind.

The sun, the sun, or under the moon
gypsies dance in the light of belief
and all of the steps rehearsed and upbeat
signal new starts from untimely ends!

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