Sunday, August 3, 2008

The crash land

I came down a little bit
from my high and lofty perch
but now the shoulders lift
and the tension ripples
down to my finger tips.

It's always better up, up, up,
in the air of a belief
but the world calls, "Come on down"
and I plain and simply, humbly,
crash land on the ground.

And I breathe the dust and grime
of a polluted mind
day in, day out, and every day,
in the manner of a mole
forced to forge a path
through the sand and stones
of life experiences.

It's like it has to be
to survive the crash land, see
and weave the dirt within
the fabric of a soul
but I don't know the reason
or why I even mind
what affects the soul.

But I know today, these days,
that only love can pave the way
up from the underground
and so I love, I love you,
to nullify the effect
of choices un-befitting
the magnificence of soul!


  1. i really went thru ur poems and i did find find a certain depth in them a certain "insight" into the matter.. your poems are really a treasure trove.. keep up the nice blog!

  2. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment. I really do appreciate it.