Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Why

Where once the pain of lonely days
now the gain of safe alone
to hold and cosset, nurture, feel,
the could have been that wasn’t
but in that cuddle close to mind
rage rises like a hurricane
to twist and turn complacency
into the question, “Why?”.

And dependent on the time of night
Why begets a data string
that knots itself upon itself
like a sci-fi animal
with its own agenda.

But always in the breathe, breathe in,
a knowledge base appears
somewhere beyond the eyesight
of a transitory mind
housed within the confines
of my humanity.

Large and clear and bright and good
there waits within the shadow lands
the truth of every Why
uttered deep and mournfully
when memories arise
like yesterday, today, and when
love pops in to mind.

Safe alone the strings of mind
unravel when I cry
and bend and force the soul into
this transitory mind
but still the Why, the Why, the Why,
burrows in and settles down
until the final night of life
begets another state of mind!

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