Sunday, June 22, 2008

In blend

In blend with the earth
but eyes turn upwards
as if they are pulled by belief
that there in the vastness of space
a full and complete true knowledge base
awaits a poor traveller.

And a traveller knows to move
and knock on the door for relief
from thoughts not in tune and aligned
with what is up there inscribed
but no illumination
from an unblinking stare.

'tis the mind, you see, not the eyes
that knows to travel and see
but blended with good mother earth
it stares like a frog catching flies
and thinks it is staying alive.

Stare as I might I ne’er can alight
from life’s little merry go-round
until at last I stare with the mind
and step into a true knowledge base
that illuminates and advises
on how to make everything right.

And even a frog can knock
when moved by the force of love
to blend and yet jump free
from humanity’s misaligned thoughts!

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