Friday, June 20, 2008

Down the line

Down the line the mind decides
to simply die as is
but, lo behold, there’s snow in spring
and mind must re-decide
because frozen roots a hindrance
to the furtherance of life.

So unbeknown there follows then
an upturn of the known
that flings the mind right back again
to the start of something grand
that lost its way amongst the trials
of life’s demanding ways.

Back, back, and further back;
it was summer then, you know,
when flowers beautified the land
like love in its first bloom
and when the trees spoke volumes
to a heart not yet of age.

To come of age a lonely time
and how a woman moans
when separated and divorced
from what she’s meant to know
but slowly, slowly, quietly
like snow that falls in spring
she changes into who she is
and who she’s always been.

And in this guise she’s simply me
and you can be you too
if mind decides to re-decide
to not die as it once was
frozen in a loveless state
that flings us back again
to the trials of life that ne’er beget
the true and lasting meaningful!

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