Thursday, May 8, 2008

Soon a mountain

Hills groan with the force of uplifting themselves
up and away from the man in the street
and look to the mountains with envious eyes;
how did they know to rise before time?

Already they're there settled at ease
in the air that always promises more
and the clouds pay homage as if to a king
while sky smiles down as if to a child.

Mountains, oh, mountains,
awesome and grand
first in line for the summer sun, rain.
You pick the best moonbeams,
your very own star
and own all the treasures
hills hope to acquire.

I feel for the hills stretching boundaries and more
and know how a goal slides further away
when the everyday stuff of the common man
heavy like rocks on level ground. 

Hills groan within where the will lives;
soon a mountain but don’t count the years!

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