Monday, May 5, 2008

The sages say

A state of bliss prevails, so the sages say,
when two minds perform as one
but, ha-ha-ha, the joker, life,
twists truth into a knot
and drapes the dangling bits and bobs
over one minuscule part
of who we are inside.
Thus I walk as one unique
comfortable in what's been taught
until the knot deemed safe, secure,
loosens bit by bit
and mixes up my mind with yours
and mine with mine besides.
So then of this conglomerate,
the still waters of a mind,
how does it feel to be denied
and thought as nought inside?

Let me tell you it's a fickle thing
like that joker, life, itself
from sway and ripple softly so
to raging floods inside
that tips the sane and sanest
into a loving mind.
Love me tender, love me fierce,
but sages say no peace prevails
when shrouded head to toe
in only the meaningless
dangling bits and bobs!

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