Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blue of the sky

Not yet time for the blue to appear
but the natural inbred is there
in wait of a summoning forth
from within the confines of sky.

The effort to rise seems destined to die
for lack of sufficient knowledge
because awareness takes time
to manifest life
in the grey, the grey of the sky.

I sip at my cup and put my belief
in the wonder of the unknown
because I have seen the blue, blue, blue,
and know it will come again
but it waits, you see, like the lover in me
for time to consider a move.

But time is time and has its own view
unperturbed by my daily need
to embrace the natural inbred
as my very own paradise.

Blue, my blue, the beautiful blue,
I’m truly in love with you
because, just because, because
you truly are beautiful!

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