Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not yet

The sun has no alternative and it stretches out
but it’s a lonely voyage through layers of “not yet”
to the full glory and wonder of noontide.

Alone it feels the burn of a timeless yearn
to no more be trapped on the outskirts of love
but to organize priorities, pause, and enjoy,
the infusion of new energy
before its fire starts to wane
and the night triumphant reigns.

Higher, higher, and sun rises to the call
but rain penetrates the heat haze of a need
and cools the edges of repetitive endeavours
to enliven its mind to a broader based view.

Around and around; the sun goes around
the perimeter of love like a peeping tom
unable to go from witness to partaker
and too weak to undo
the knot of conditioning.

The sun is nearly there directly up above
but my eyes are downcast, my heart in sympathy,
for all who walk the “not yet” trails,
shine halfheartedly,
and reach the peak of human needs
unmindful of the spirit.

Around and around till in death we’ll maybe find
the sun has stayed behind, the night has claimed the crown,
and clouds of regret hide the pale moon light!

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  1. You have a wonderful blog here with full of beautiful poems. I am glad to discover this and am sure to come back regularly.

  2. It's always lovely getting feedback from readers so thank you so much for your comment. I do appreciate it very much.