Friday, February 15, 2019

Love's will

Instead of celebrating that gypsy mourns the times
of sun and sea and forest trees and wind through her hair
that spoke, oh, so silently of love’s will to live
and to be well and truly known.

But who can know of love’s desire in totality
when life’s so many little things enlarge and procreate
more and more little things to keep the mind engaged
in the act of survival on the earthly plane.

Survive we must but how to be mindful and aware
and still appear as one divorced and separated
from the meaningful that demands attention
in the still and silent night.

And then we awake with a brand new set of cards;
laugh, make money, have fun and jump around,
and we shuffle, deal, shuffle, deal,
but the meaningful not included in the pack.

Easy then to say it’s really not our fault
when the card that should be played not visible
and I don’t know how to overcome that simple fact
except to say seek and find and to trust that you do.

I trust you will, I know you will, this lifetime or the next
or the next, the next, the next, until a new day dawns
and we participate in this play-act of life
with a full deck of cards!

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