Thursday, February 21, 2019

Green leaves

Soon green leaves will turn to brown
and what was once so beautiful
will simply fall to ground
and the tree will stand as one
barren and bereft.

And in this state the tree begins
to contemplate the past
and to think that surely, surely,
the pain and anguish, heartache
will not come again.

It takes a time before the tree
decides to take a chance
and bless the world again
with the beauty of green leaves.

But growing up so very hard to do
and soon the pain and heartache
creeps into all green leaves
and the suffering begins. 

And then silently they carry on
waving in the breeze
and doing what leaves do
in the world of man.

The tree watches and waits
for the season to change
and asks, “can I, can I,
do it all again?”. 

I don’t know for how can trees
grow the, oh, so beautiful
that are doomed to suffer, die,
and then disappear from mind?

And I watch and I wait!

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