Thursday, November 16, 2017

Renewed emotion

From the depths she felt the rise up of tears
but how can that be because stones do not weep
and mountains do not bow unto the weak
in this time after life’s full download.

The sign-in and add-ons during the download
a substantial amount of grief and heartache
but the installation in not too easy steps
should have forever stemmed the flow.

Yet determined they are to overthrow
the mother board of life’s betrayal
and implant a new and revised edition
to make it known emotion still lives.

Renewed emotion now quietly cries
but briefly because the back-up of life
brought to the fore all that went before
saved in the recycle bin.

The fall of tears essential for soul
out of sync with default settings
installed in all human beings
busy, so busy, cleaning windows, having fun,
and making money be!