Monday, November 13, 2017

A river

There’s a river somewhere innocent and naïve
and devoid of deception and lies
that needs for its future life
to avoid the tumultuous sea
and make of its resting place
a pool of tranquillity.

And so it set off with kindness and grace
over unchartered territory
determined to reach its goal
before the cessation of rain.

Then came the advent of climate change
and the river was forced to be still
and in the silence it retreated inward
to try and discern the truth.

Many months later the rain came down
and the river once again on the move
and although the truth none too clear
it proceeded with all hopefulness.

It travelled on unmindful of
its last long and lonely retreat
and life was good being there in the flow
until the channel that contained all thought
broadened out into new perspectives.

The river cried day in and day out
in hopes that its tears would move it outward
and they did, you know, and there in that place
of new and different perspectives
the river finally found
its pool of tranquillity!

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