Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dead of night

Silently and stealthily the dead of night creeps in
and steels like the thief it is human consciousness
and it runs, yes, it runs, into the wild unknown
there to clean and cosset its prize of the day.

But not completely evil it returns to the owner
all the components of what has gone before
always in the hope we’ll view with different eyes
and gain a new perspective on what we thought before.

And like the “love me/love me not” it works sporadically
because day like a fierce and aggressive sci-fi animal
wakes up and starts to feed on all re-assessments
until overfed are we on this life’s reality.

How beautiful if only known what the night brings forth
and how sad to let it slide into the rising sun
that lands us back and back again into the same old/same old
that keeps us held and bound in total unawareness. 

It’s life, you know, simply life and what is meant to be
until, until … well, of course, until the very end!

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