Friday, March 7, 2014

Sitting there

You’ll find her sitting there
underneath a willow tree
contemplating more
than ere she thought before

She watches how the river flows
free at ease towards the sea
unmindful of the twists and turns
along its lonesome journey.

But gypsies know that rivers don’t
have wagon wheels that crack and break
when rough terrain the only way
to reach that awesome sea. 

They do not pause to re-assess,
they do not stop to rest,
and most of all they do not think
to make mountains out of molehills.

But gypsies know the mountain’s there
looming large and deadly
and she knows she cannot go around
what is meant to be.

She sighs the way all gypsies do;
tomorrow maybe she will move
but content for now she simply waits
for the sun to set.

And she will sleep beneath the stars
protected, yes, until the dawn
when again she looks and shivers some
at that imposing mountain.

Day in/day out you’ll find her there
underneath a willow tree!  

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