Saturday, September 21, 2013

The round-about

Painted vibrant red;
is there passion for the dead
and a forgiveness cup
from which to drink and know
all was fair in love and war?

Are there sparkling diamonds
in the suffering endured
that glows with enlightenment
and gold and silver tinsel
blowing in the breeze
of all we hoped would be?

So goes the round-about
turning, turning, turning,
but eventually the disembark
and how dizzy are the living
who cannot find their balance.

‘tis a wobble and a sway
before the mind levels out
and takes that well-worn path
away from contemplation.

Happy and at ease
but that round-about waits patiently
because it knows, of course it knows,
one spin deserves another –
and another and another!

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