Monday, August 5, 2013


Amongst the many bales of human betrayal
there lie small pockets of true faithfulness
but buried by the large and extremely overpowering
they disappear and be as if they never were.

How many possessed of the muscle tone and strength
to lift and carry bales to the end of the world
and force upon them there the same destiny
as those little pockets small and delicate?

So in this life and times of the weak and feeble
human betrayal simply never disappears
but lives to grow and procreate
a bigger and better form of itself. 

Suppose, suppose, mankind could be
faithful to the truth of soul
and not puffed up and overfilled
with the undesirable
but not to be; it seems to me
we’ll have to wait with love and grace
until the end of the world!  

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