Thursday, May 16, 2013

The 16th May

There’s nothing wrong with the 16th of May
for it did in the past birth a special resolve
but wrapped it up in flesh and bone
before sending it into the world.

There it lived for a number of years
with inklings of the absolute truth
and a sense of all the mystery realms
that intruded into the physical world.

There were times when resolve was strong
but settled back into weak states
seeking there to be like the rest
unknowing, unthinking, unfeeling.

Its façade was broken one day, one day,
but it held on for the lives of them
and pushed against love with all its might
like the drowning would look for air.

So drowns now resolve that sought to be strong
and with flesh and bone weakened by age
it cannot now rise and be counted
as one who bowed to the call.

But not yet dead resolve still lives
in a fantasy world of next time around
seeking solace and comfort in an uncertainty
in attempts to make everything right. 

Oh dear, oh dear, right won’t come again
when wrong has ruled a lifetime!

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