Monday, May 13, 2013


And those times of hoping, hoping,
too fluid to remain within
compartments of the mind
trickle down to ground
there to be trodden on
by life’s sheer disdain.

But it is the month of May;
there’ll be no rain today
and consciousness degrees
a time of watering
from now until the summer
brings in the clouds and rain
to flood our hope filled fields
and make them be as if were not.

And if we pack and carry hope
there’ll be a weakening
and down to ground it will fall
and again be no more.

Yet and yet hope can’t be
a discarded entity
and it clings ever steadfastly
to all of the hopeful
until they too fall to ground
and be as if were not.

How stupid, how senseless,
but who can say hope does not
while alive fight to survive?

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