Sunday, May 27, 2012

Warm winter days

And the sun shines brilliantly!
oh, winter, warm winter days
so gentle and kind its sweet caress
that love retreats into heart
and cuddles in deep so to last
through forthcoming heat and dismay.

There will be the heat of a summer’s ire
and the dismay of a lover dismissed
to burn love’s fortified nest
because nothing can ever withstand
the fire of this reality.

So burns the nest agonizingly
and inside heart screams silently
but love, yes, love, always escapes 
into the shade of the meaningful
to mend and recuperate.

And when love steps out, again, again,
will it find any remnant left
of that heart and fortified nest
that burnt so agonizingly
and silently?

Yes, because always the meaningful
survives each and every fire
to say, again, again, again,
I do love you!

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