Friday, May 11, 2012

Today as yesterday

And when from the depths there rises up
a shiver of fear and more than one tear
they remain for a moment simply a sign
of out of sight agony.

It’s an agony that rips apart
the security of heart
when worshipped is the creation
and not the sure creator.

And though knowing there is more
behind the eyes, the flesh,
I yet love the walking talking “you”
today as yesterday.

But hidden in the silence
is love that bears the agony
of life that cuts and slashes heart
with an evil unsurpassed.

And so of evil what to say
when heart in pieces can’t arise
and fight the fight on level ground
where everybody lives?

Love merely shivers, cries, and lies
a broken entity
behind the eyes, the flesh,
that loves today as yesterday!

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