Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sustaining power

Love lies, has lied and will always lie
because it takes pity, you see
on all of the people who believe
it has no sustaining powers.

But it’s just a lie that deafens our ears
for we must find our own hearing aids
and we must in the fullness of time
harken unto the truth.

My time isn’t yours and sad this life
that moves and grooves to the silence
broken only by the clatter and din
of the times that will not survive.

And I’ve heard the words of the weak
propagate off-centre views
and feel, have felt and will always feel
love’s ever pain and anguish.

If only, if only, love would speak
in the words of the multitudes
but it sits on the side-lines waiting
for the bubble to burst.

It will burst in the most amazing way
and all of the deaf will hear
and I pity the people who believe
it has no sustaining power!

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