Sunday, February 19, 2012


When the fight is given up
“Right” lies down
and suffers then the agony
of a homeless one.

Wind and rain, hailstorms, snow,
and the disregard of passers by
shatters so its certainty
and it weeps.

Tears mingle with the elements
but the world doesn’t end
and another day arises
to the same as before.

Day looks down again, again
but nought to do it simply stays
a witness to the tragedy
but no teller of the tale.

I tell the tale for “Right” should be
tall and proud and loved by all
and yet a vagabond it lies
in the gutter crying.

But one day “Right” will rule again
if you and me and lovers all
don’t in situ kill it
slowly and agonizingly!

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