Tuesday, October 25, 2011

From out the dust

The sun sets gently so
o’er a land that from the dust
rose up and took control
of mankind’s innate traits.

It turned them this way, that,
and moulded them according to
some strange and indeed foreign
shape and manner, form.

Today they fit quite snug and warm
and I can’t say what was before
and yet, and yet, sometimes I think
I can’t contain what now just is.

I do, of course, like you and you
but how the sense of what was once
stirs within a deep heartache
that ne’er will dissipate.

So in this land from out the dust
I try but cannot disengage
until, until, love comes again
as it knows to surely do.

But right is not this way of life
and heartache doesn’t dissipate!

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