Saturday, October 22, 2011

Eternal heart

The sky of forever sits starkly blue
above the head of my common life
and I searched, you know, like I’m prone to do
for your eternal heart.

Not there, not there - it sunk to earth
there to be buried in human norms
and be as most other hearts
completely and utterly dead

I thought I’d cry but I turned away
with a shrug that pierced like a knife
through the aura of my love for you
designed to be impenetrable.

Not that it matters, you know, you know,
for hearts that are dead can’t feel anything
but in the corners of who I really am
there are tears with nowhere to go.

And so of those tears with nowhere to go
they’re absorbed by that sky of forever
and there they sit ready to drown
the remains of my memory.

Happy days, happy days! There’ll be happy days
when hearts have forgotten they once were dead
and auras completely intact
protect and safeguard for ever and ever
the eternal heart!

1 comment:

  1. I love your Poetry and the way you say it,, I am not very good with big words when it comes to writing something but you do and i although can understand your writings, I just love how you put it alltogether and make it sound wonderful, Thanks and keep up the great work!!!