Monday, February 7, 2011


There is no discount waiting for
he who pays to take a chance
or voucher, gift, refund cheque,
or a bar of chocolate.

We simply pay the asking price
of which we're unaware
but that chance so clothed in mystery
completely irresistible.

Pay, pay, pay, we paid back then
and today, tomorrow, on
until the chance we chose to take
bows to another one.

It's like climbing up a mountain
until on the peak we spy the sea
rolling chances to the shore
not awaiting our descent.

Yet slowly, surely, down we go.
There always is another chance
maybe perfect or not so
but we will, I know, pay again.

‘tis just an open mind, you see,
that knows to be where chances roll
and catch a wave that's outward bound
towards a new experience.

Let not the you or me ere be
stuck on mountains far from sea!

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