Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Love in the dirt

Love came upon a dusty trail
trodden on by many minds
and at the crossroads saw a sign
that left it quite bemused.

It wavered there for quite a spell
but no spell of insight came
to make it move right or left
or carry on ahead.

Finally it turned around
and went back the way it came
for far behind it knew to find
the point of no departure.

And that point of no departure
it’s very own true essence
still clean and untainted
by life’s so dusty trail.

But sad to say there’s no water
to wash the dust away
and that point of no departure
sent it back onto the trail.

But trails aren’t laid down roads
with no options at the crossroads
and that is why today you’ll find
love sitting in the dirt.

It simply doesn’t know
which option best to clean, refresh, renew,
and befit if for a welcome back
to that point of no departure.

One day love will walk again
but for now it merely sits
head bent and waiting for …
a little spell of insight!

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