Friday, December 10, 2010

The deep within

The mountain didn’t ask to be
a container for earth’s righteous soul
but it was calm and undisturbed
until the plea from deep within
“Please open up a crack or two
so I can see what mountains do.”

The mountain pleasantly obliged
but ‘twas a dangerous journey
as the deep within clawed its way
onward, onward, onward,
towards a higher up perspective.

Finally it celebrated
and on the peak stood happily
determined there to balance
all it saw and felt.

First one foot then the other
but the two together didn’t work
so the deep within slid back again
to ponder, assimilate, and justify.

It churned within but at a loss
it merely boiled it all together
and pumped it like a geyser up,
up, up and further up,
till out the mountain flowed the feel
of how mankind behaves.

Hot like lava, yes, it was,
to bury all the lies, deceit,
and burn the trail of footsteps
that forces on the innocent
a mindless follow-on.

The mountain argued reasonably
that humans are a race of greed
born and bred to first believe
truth doesn’t fill the coffers.

So the deep within took pity on
all the lowly folk just like me
and after a mere token of
its deep upset and heartbreak
thought to let the people be.

But of the deep within
how can it now be calm, composed,
when in the know and aware
that it must one day rise fully up
to change the way humans behave!

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