Monday, September 6, 2010

There can be ...

There can be a moment of happiness, joy,
and faith so strong it breaks my own will
and there can be a moment of sadness, despair,
that breaks what lies beyond awareness.

There can be the lightness of wishes in air,
the heaviness of no one who cares,
the gentle hold of loving you so
and the open arms of letting you go.

There can be the tears of the lost and lonely
and those joined with mirth and laughter
and there can be the pain in body and mind
that loosens my hold on these present times.

There can be the sinking of feet into earth
and the wiping it off because it’s just dirt
but dirt always sticks no matter the holes
life has made be in everyone’s soul.

There can be, there was, but what’s yet to be
a matter, I think, simply up to me!

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