Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I chanced upon a hiccup
on my way across the plains
and it rose and dipped according to
the way hiccups always do.

It came as a complete surprise;
could hiccups be the way of life
which like a bomb distracts the mind
from the good essential?

I thought the plains a solid base
not an undulated mess
that tests the front, sideways, back,
of how I present myself ~
but now I know they simply are
a place where hiccups lie in wait
to pounce upon the loving.

And hiccups are like cereal
vitamin enriched, of course,
to energize distractions from
and distortions of the truth.

I once was still on “them there” plains
before the advent of hiccups
that wear the guise and act like life
to turn believers doubtful.

To myself and those who love,
a hiccup's just a hiccup
 armed to chase us from the plains
if we ourselves run scared!

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