Thursday, April 8, 2010

The truth of love

The truth of love comes trip-trip, tripping
through the fields of turmoil and strife
searching for daisies amongst the weeds
and pebbles worn smooth by dedication.

The sun beats down the heat of fatigue
till night heralds in the shiver of fear
but in the downpour of all obstacles
the truth waits in a self-made shelter.

Immortal patience and trained fortitude,
a shelter for truth in the times of chaos
but it’s not unhappy confined so within
nor dismayed by the thunder of grief.

It’s simply like me content to just be
there where it’s safe and not fragmented
by the seemingly harsh current conditions
that force a retreat into silence.

And so truth is o’er laid and forgotten
for the time it takes for inclement weather
to pronounce a surrender and yield
to the forceful and dynamic.

Storms; there are storms, earthquakes and more,
theft, murder, crime, like outsized hail stones,
and the sea like disease rises up, up, up,
to move and remove those in its path.

When the heart’s in denial
and the world in upheaval
the truth of love merely smiles
and simply, you know, bides its time!

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