Friday, November 13, 2009

The maze

Love comes at its own time
and takes us from the mundane
into the extraordinary
but to see it, feel it, know it,
not for the feint hearted.

The heart needs strength and fortitude
and the will to survive
through loss and grief and circumstance
that twists its path into a maze
with seemingly no exit.

But the exit’s there with every turn
for every corner holds the truth
albeit closely to its breast
like a mother would a child.

That child is fed and nurtured
but of love in this duality
it bears the brunt of fire and ire
and becomes as dust and grit
in the eyes of the beholder.

And that beholder’s you and me
who meander in our suffering
until we truly can believe
love never leads us to a place
that kills our free will choice
to simply turn the corner
and find the opening!


  1. Love is an environment depending on so many things surrounding it.People,emotions,situations,ambitions,priorities,patience,forgiveness and many more.There is always a pull of gravity from surroundings to pull out one from this environment.It takes will and attachment stronger than that gravity to build a wall along the borders to secure it.

    Nice thoughts.

  2. Thanks, Nithin R S. Perhaps love is simply a state of mind and that state of mind can exist regardless of situations and circumstances but it does, as you rightly say, require will and attachment because of the "pull of gravity". We as mere mortals are generally very far away from achieving that state of mind and maintaining it and that's probably because we really do not know that we do essentially have to. Just my penny's worth.