Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The shudder/shake

‘twas not the spark of passion
nor the advent of desire
but the shudder/shake of terror

brought up from her recalls.

It’s not to say she didn’t know
love hovered near to still her fear
but so much more she needed then

to make of life a good event.

It didn’t come. She called again,
again, again, again,
until still wrapped up in terror
she stepped into the world of Gods
to re-affirm true love’s avowals.

And from that sojourn she awoke
not still or settled, calm, peaceful,

but lost, bemused, abandoned,
in a world of foreigners.

She lives today, so they say,
within the shadows of the day
but you will look and never find
that woman who was known to call
again, again, again!

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