Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shawls and blankets

She who opens doors to more
feels the breeze of who she is
but then the cold of the “before”

wraps around her daily life.

She ponders so this memory chill
like strangers in her new abode
and in her manner so polite

offers them an overnight.

‘tis not to say they do not know
to leave before she suffers more
and yet it’s like they’re glued to beds

made before awakening.

She cleans around their imprints felt
and discards the useless junk of hurt
but the crown of how she knows to be

never placed upon her head.

But time is such that ponders not
the speed with which it leaves behind
the glorious and magnificent,

the amazing and fantastic,

and the really quite remarkable
woman that she is.

And of that woman, all women,
who open doors to more
they sit with shawls and blankets

until time comes round again!

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