Saturday, August 15, 2009

Through the maze

So through the maze of goods and clothes
she stepped into a dark recess
where memories lay hidden away
from the prying eyes of everyday.

And in that day of everyday
she chose a route that skirted pain
and smiled the smile of one who knows
love will surely come again.

But still she cried within the feel
of what means more than goods and clothes
as like a retarded maniac
she shredded the leftovers
until but one remained.

It remains until this very day
to go where minds are prone to go
and follow in the footsteps of
her more and many everyday’s.

Love is like that, don’t you know?
It lives in caves dark, dingy, grey,
so all who walk the maze of time
can sift amongst the dirt and grime
and say, “Eureka! Love is mine!"

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