Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ordinary love

Not yet but soon to be a prince
the one who dubbed his mother “queen”
and served her with the humbleness
of ordinary love.

It is and always has been
the core of ordinary
that begets a wave unleashed
upon the population
because one of all and everything
divides, divides, divides,
and then multiplies
to crash upon the shore
of the unaware.

But the wave no soothing murmur
to lull the senses, dull the pain,
but a roar of deep intensity
that shocks and shakes composure
to the point of change.

And change no sweet surrender
until resistance like a sponge
absorbs the meaning, reasons,
and bows in acquiescence.

Now forsaking all that went before
the queen bows to the prince
as I now bow to love
that invisibly divides, divides,
and multiplies
in walking, talking, fortresses.

But love, dear love, so slow and sure
must still get to the core
and fortresses are fortresses
until the door is opened!

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